Hindi Language Resources

  • Module 1: Wedding Traditions (Intermediate High)
    • This module discusses the wedding traditions in India under the following topics: Matrimonial alliances, Date finalization, Reserving a marriage hall, Wedding invitations, Wedding procession, Wedding ceremony and Post-wedding rituals. The module content aims to enrich students with cultural information and to grow their skills in Hindi to higher proficiency levels.
  • Module 2: Health (Advanced)
    • This module discusses health-related issues in India under the following topics: Health and lifestyle in the Indian society, Home remedies, and Issues and challenges of public health in India. The module content aims to equip students with language necessary for one to be able to engage with advanced topics of this nature.
  • Module 3: Higher Education (Advanced)
    • In this module, students will learn about higher education in India by reading texts and interacting with authentic materials which provide an overview of the culture, history, policies, challenges, and politics which shape the overall structure, goals and practices of higher education in modern-day India. At the end of the module, students will prepare a PBLL (project-based language learning) project.