The Wewaawiindamojig (Advisory Circle) will review all pre-proposals submitted for consideration. After Wewaawiindamojig consideration and a review by the Michigan State University College of Arts and Letters Research Team, we will invite select groups to submit a full proposal for review.  Groups will be notified via email of their status. Submission of a detailed, full proposal does not guarantee that your project will be awarded funding.  

Funds for this initiative are part of a Big Ten Academic Alliance Less Commonly Taught and Indigenous Languages Partnership Grant funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. MSU makes the funds available for these projects via subawards (contracts), which can only be made with organizations (including tribes) and businesses. Subawards cannot be made with individuals. Please make sure to fill out any proposal documents with the organization/business entity’s information and provide us with their mailing address. We also will need someone designated as the “principal investigator” for the project, with whom the university will communicate about the project.  

A full proposal should include: 

  • a detailed budget (with verified monetary amounts) 
  • budget narrative (explain how the budget line items will help reach the objectives, define roles and duties of each person involved) 
  • a more detailed project description/scope of work, which should include: 
    • project objectives and outcomes 
    • the manner in which the information will be shared with other communities 
    • how the project will be sustainable beyond the grant funding period. 

We have a folder of example documents that should be used as a reference or template as groups prepare their full proposals. These documents include specific instructions for preparing your budget and explanations that will help you avoid some revisions (e.g., not using the term “honorarium” and how to break down expenses for meals if your activity includes those). The example documents include: 

  • Sample budget 
  • Budget narrative 
  • Statement/Scope of work 
  • Fee structure set up by the Wewaawiindamojig that gives suggested hourly rates for work completed in projects under the grant 
  • Reporting guidelines that will be part of the subaward agreement (included so groups know what is expected – nothing needs to be prepared using this document) 

Submission of the full proposals will be via email, unless otherwise noted in the invitation to submit a full proposal.